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"A brutal fantasy world that screams action and entertainment. This blade is sharp..."

Jim Zub
(Avengers, Skullkickers)

"A rip-roaring, action-packed, bloody, fantasy thriller -- Douek and Mulvey have something truly cool and special here!"

Mike Moreci
(Roche Limit, Wasted Space)

"Wailing Blade #1 is a treasure of a comic that you need to read to believe. I’m incredibly excited to read what else this world can bring and the havoc it will reap."

Insha Fitzpatrick

"A far future that we can't even recognize. A bad ass anti hero with the coolest sword you've seen in years. Wailing Blade is awesome, and you should read it. Or the Headtaker will come for you, too."

Justin Jordan
Luther Strode, Death of Love

"Wailing Blade is a pop culture dagger, sharpened to perfection and slid between the ribs of unsuspecting readers. Both a bloody good comic and a good, bloody comic."

Paul Allor

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